Shelf Awareness for Readers

CLIENT: Shelf-Awareness
MONTH/YEAR: May 2013 and March 2014
DELIVERABLE: Video explainer to run on presentations at major publishing trade shows and to run independently on client’s social media channels. Followed with reminder bump using same opening graphics in an animated video parodying’s announcement to start using drones to deliver packages.
ROLE: Copywriting, Animating, Editing, Sound, Distribution
CONSIDERATIONS: Video combined animation and screen captures. Asset had to work successfully with and without sound. The drone video had a very quick turn around for an animated project (36 hours from start to posting). Couldn’t be too offensive or rough with Amazon but had to build support for Shelf-Awareness in the independent bookselling community with look and feel echoing previous video.
RESULTS: Initial subscribers and retailer adoption was significantly higher than expectations.